Our Garden

weedflowersIn everyone, God plants a seed , the day that we are born;
Way down deep inside our heart, Where he can see alone.
He watches how we tend our seed: until it is fully grown.
Will the seed turn to a weed, making our heart as stone?

Weeds can strangle all the love that God gave us inside.
Growing only hurts of envy, bitterness and strifes.
Leaving very little room where the Son of God can abide.
Hurts are passed along like weeds to destroy other lives.

You can chose a better way to grow your little seed.
Watered with the Word of God; the blossoms you will see.
Your seed will grow each day: when from God’s plan you feed,
Love and kindness will fill your heart and set your spirit free.

Whisper now to God your plan: for your little seed.
Will love be the fragrant gift to God; Or will it be the weed?


ChoicesSo you just have had one of those ( IT’S THE OTHER GUY’S FAULT ) or maybe just one of those (OOPS) experiences, and you are now in need of an autobody repair facility.

It dosen’t matter if this is your first, or just one of many such experiences, the value of finding a repair facility to fit your wants and needs remain the same. What you are looking for is a good quality repair, at a fair price, in a reasonable time. In looking for the repair facility to suit your needs, the requirements to look for should include some or all of the following: Your repair facility should be one that has been serving your area for several years with quality repairs and putting the customer first, ( chances are they will still be there in the future if you should need their services or help ) a facility that has a good reputation for good quality work, ( check with friends, neighbors, and relatives, more than likely one or more have had a similar experience possibily with the same facility ) always look for a facility with the strongest warranty policy available in the area, ( ask the facility about their warrany policy and compare with the others in the area). The cost should also be a factor, but, I would put it well down on your list of requirements for choosing a repair facilty, ( remember most if not all the time you get what you pay for ) not only because of the high cost and investment you have in your automobile, but also because it is far more important to obtain a good quality repair, with a well trained technician, giving you a safe, trouble free repair, than to shop price only resulting in a subpar, potenually unsafe repair, with little or no real warranty. A good repair facility will always be glad to relate to you any information you require about them or the repair process. They should be there to make this experience easier and make you feel more comfortable with the choice you have made. It has been said that imitation is the highest form of flatery, but remember by definition “an imitation is the act of imitating, a copy, a likeness, a substitute of lesser quality”. So be sure that the repair facility you choose is one that is a truly registered business, experienced, well equipted, trained personnel, with the ablity to perform a proper repair, insured, properly state and federally certified, and will stand behind their work with a warranty. By following these simple rules you will make your auto body repair experience less stressfull and more satisfying.

At MORRIS NEAL COLLISION CENTER (the oldest operating auto body repair facility in Crawfordsville) strive to adhere to the highest standards of auto body repair with experienced technicians, training, with current state-of-the-art equipment in one of the finest Crawfordsville facilities  In order to be at the cutting edge of automotive body repair we here at MORRIS NEAL COLLISION CENTER are the first to use a waterborne painting system (the latest in non toxic technology to date) in Crawfordsville, in order for us to protect the environment and be the best downtown Crawfordsville neighbor we can be. With all of this plus our “MORRIS NEAL COLLISION CENTER SHIELD OF PROTECTION” ltd lifetime warranty we feel that this combination can’t be beat!

We invite you to give us a try and let us serve you.