Our Garden

weedflowersIn everyone, God plants a seed , the day that we are born;
Way down deep inside our heart, Where he can see alone.
He watches how we tend our seed: until it is fully grown.
Will the seed turn to a weed, making our heart as stone?

Weeds can strangle all the love that God gave us inside.
Growing only hurts of envy, bitterness and strifes.
Leaving very little room where the Son of God can abide.
Hurts are passed along like weeds to destroy other lives.

You can chose a better way to grow your little seed.
Watered with the Word of God; the blossoms you will see.
Your seed will grow each day: when from God’s plan you feed,
Love and kindness will fill your heart and set your spirit free.

Whisper now to God your plan: for your little seed.
Will love be the fragrant gift to God; Or will it be the weed?